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Repair damaged or decayed teeth with natural-coloured protection

Dental crowns can offer a neat, natural-coloured cover up for unsightly teeth. Sometimes known as caps, crowns are fitted over a natural tooth to cover and protect it, commonly used to repair damage that has affected the structure and functionality of a tooth. Once a dental crown is placed over the affected tooth, it acts like a helmet, protecting it from further damage.

What are dental crowns used for?

  • A protective cover for badly decayed or fractured teeth
  • A restoration for teeth with large fillings, providing additional strength to the tooth
  • To correct minor problems in natural teeth, such as spacing, chips, decay and discolouration
  • To cover a dental implant, a solution for missing teeth

What are dental crowns made of?

Dental crowns have improved and evolved with new technology. New Emax and Zirconia crowns, used at Chiswick Dental, have no metal components as traditional crowns do, ensuring they are the most natural and visually pleasing crowns possible, as well as being extremely strong and durable.

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