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Composite Fillings

compositeresindentalfillingA filling may be required for various reasons including decay, damage or wear to the surface of the tooth.

For aesthetic reasons, many people now opt for composite resin (tooth coloured) fillings over metal coloured amalgam.

Composite filings (made from a mixture of plastic and glass called silicone dioxide) have been used for over forty years. We use the latest and most advanced composite systems which are high in strength and with a natural appearance.

Why chose composite filling materials

  • They look natural and blend seamlessly into the tooth giving it an untouched appearance
  • They do not contain mercury or any other metals
  • They stick to tooth tissue and are cemented in to give additional strength.
  • They can be fitted and moulded into difficult places reducing the amount of tooth that needs to be removed to place them.
  • They now have superior strength qualities similar to traditional amalgam fillings.

Cosmetic Composite fillings and artistry

Due to the advancements in the technology in dental materials, composites can mimic the natural appearance of teeth in the right hands. The use of these Nano hybrid composites can transform smiles in a cost effective and pain free way. They are regularly used to finish off our smile makeovers and add finishing touches to our orthodontic treatments.

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