Endodontic (Root Canal Surgery)

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Saving natural teeth from extraction

Also known as root canal treatment, endodontics focuses on saving infected, fractured or decayed teeth. The aim is to remove infected pulp tissues and restore the natural tooth to health, whilst also relieving any pain that might be present.

Without endodontic treatment, the only other option is to have the infected tooth removed and replaced with an implant or bridge. We want to do all we can to protect and retain your natural tooth through root canal surgery, allowing it to return to normal function and be maintained with your regular oral health routine.

Despite the myths surrounding the treatment, it is not meant to be painful. Our highly trained dentists use the latest techniques to ensure the highest levels of success in the most pain-free and comfortable environment possible.

Endodontic (Root Canal Surgery)

Why choose to have your root canal treated by an Endodontist?

  • High success rate

    Due to their level of experience and expertise, studies show Endodontists achieve greater successes with treatment. The endodontic success rate for primary root canal treatment is 90%, compared with an average of 60% for general dentists. 80-90% of treated teeth survive for up to ten years after treatment.

  • State-of-the-art technology

    Endodontists use the latest technology during your treatment, including a CBCT scan to accurately detect the position of infection, and microscopes to gain better access and control, giving your tooth the best long-term chance of success.

  • Quicker and pain free treatments

    Advanced skills and techniques allow an endodontist to ensure your treatment is quicker and pain-free, allowing for maximum accuracy during your root canal procedure. Local anaesthetic reduces pain and discomfort whilst the use of precise equipment results in maximum accuracy.

  • Good as new

    Your treated tooth will now function just like your other teeth, and can be included as normal in your regular brushing and flossing routine. The tooth may need a crown to provide long term health and stability.

  • Microscope dentistry

    When performing high-standard dental treatments, the fine details really matter. Microscopes with extreme magnification enable our highly-skilled clinicians to see everything 40-50 times clearer than with the naked eye. Our endodontists are able to precisely treat the tooth without removing too much tooth structure, preserving the strength long-term.

Key benefits of microscope dentistry

  • Highly accurate, controlled, safer dentistry
  • Tooth loss kept to a minimum
  • Greater detail used in restorative dental treatments
  • Can identify problem areas and address these before they become an issue, such as imperfect surfaces carrying build-ups of residue and plaque deposits
  • Magnifies small defects and cracks otherwise missed, allowing these to be efficiently minimally restored before they get worse
Endodontic (Root Canal Surgery)
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